Free Scheduling Software - Features

The User Interface explained

aceshift Menu Bar

AceShift uses your web browser to set up and control the following:

Funding Body : the funding entity for the shifts

Address : the street address where the funding bodies operate from. Many address may be entered for each funding body.

Shift Location : the department or section within a address where a shift may be worked Other examples of locations are gates, doors, clients name, etc. Many locations may be entered for each address.

Position/Rate : the name of the relationship that a person has to AceShift. A person is added to AceShift and is given a position, eg, Security Guard, Registered Nurse, Client. Personnel are added to AceShift either work on a shift that requires a given position, or receive a shift worker to support them, or act as some type of administrator.

Personnel : the people registered in AceShift.

Shift Times : Defining shift times and shift properties. These properties include

Shift Allocation : The allocation of a worker to a shift according to a match of their position and their time availability to work the shift. It is possible to match the key skills of a worker with the key needs of a location, eg, language. Workers may be associated with a location for future allocation if their familiarity with a location is of importance. The Administrator may also allow for verification of the actual time that a shift is worked separately to the proposed time that the shift should have been worked.

Administration : A group of functions that allow for the administration of AceShift. One of these is to allow for the creation of Roles that personnel may have. Visibility of the AceShift menus is based on these roles. This visibility is controlled by the system administrator.