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AceShift may be downloaded as a demonstration version for Microsoft Windows. This version has the restriction that, when installed on your system, only 20 shifts in total may be added from midnight each morning into the future. This is the correct behaviour for the demonstration version and shows that you have correctly installed the package.


When you advise us that your installation is working as above, and you wish to purchase a Lock Code to remove the shift limitation, please Email us. We will advise you of payment arrangements. When payment has been made, a receipt and a Lock Code for the version requested will be emailed to you that will remove the restriction of the demonstration version.

Doing business this way, you the customer, are protected from receiving goods that for some reason do not work on your system.


Payment may be made as follows:

AceShiftBasic AceShiftOne AceShift
$AUD149 $AUD499 $AUD699

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This figure is for an ongoing unlimited license to use the software. There are no monthly/annual charges or inbuilt limits on the number of entries.

For the approximate cost in USD, multiply by 1.04. This figure has gone up and down by 0.10 recently.

For the approximate cost in Euro, multiply by 0.73. This figure has gone up and down by 0.05 recently.

For the approximate cost in GBP, multiply by 0.64. This figure has gone up and down by 0.03 recently.

These currency exchange figures are indicative and are subject to constant variation.

Where assistance is required in deploying with an Internet Service Provider, an additional charge may be made.